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5 Good reasons to use self-storage

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If you have spotted self-storage companies you may be wondering about who would use them. You may think you have no need for a storage unit but there are lots of great reasons to get one. Here we explore the five reasons to use self-storage. You will realise how handy self-storage could be for your things.  

1. Make more space at home

Over the years we can accumulate many items. You may have inherited some heirlooms from family members or be storing things for other people. If you are looking to declutter your home, a storage unit is a great solution. There will be times when you want to have a clear out but still want to keep your stuff. It could be that the furniture and other pieces have sentimental value, or you want to keep them in the family. Renting a storage unit allows you to make more space at home without letting go of everything.  

2. To make moving easier

Moving home can be stressful and having the flexibility of a storage unit can make the process easier. People rent a unit to store excess furniture when downsizing. You may have a sale going through which gets delayed so storing your home contents may be necessary. If you are consolidating homes, such as moving in together for the first time, you will have duplicate items. You can place any unneeded household items in a storage unit for safe-keeping.  

3. Storing items during building work

If you are planning on a big project in your house, such as an extension, you will want to keep your items out of harm’s way. Storing everything that will be in the way in a storage unit protects it from building dust and possible damage. It will also make it easier to use the rest of the home during the building work as other spaces won’t be cluttered with extra things from the affected rooms.  

4. Storing vehicles

A storage unit isn’t just for furniture. Many people use a container for keeping their vehicles safe when not in use. If you have a motorbike or other vehicle not suitable for winter use, storing it between seasons is the perfect solution. You can keep your vehicle in great condition and out of the winter weather ready for summer.  

5. Keeping family members’ belongings 

When a family member passes away dealing with a whole house full of furniture and other sentimental items can be tough. If the items have to be removed from the property, after a sale, for example, putting them in storage keeps them safe. They will be there when you feel you are ready to go through them and decide what to part with and what to keep.   At Boxpod Space, our storage solutions are available for different rental terms. Whether you need a short-term storage unit or want to keep things for longer, we have what you need. Our sites are monitored by CCTV and use the best security systems. When you choose a storage unit or yard with us, your items will be safe and secure and easy to access whenever you need.   If you’d like to find out more, ask us about our secure self-storage containers and yards in Sleaford, Wisbech, Oakham and Louth. GET IN TOUCH