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How to Store Appliances in Self-Storage

How to store appliances

If you have to store appliances, you need to make sure you prepare them properly. If you are wondering how to store appliances in storage, we have all the information you need. You may be moving home and need to store electrical items. Alternatively, if you are renovating the kitchen and want to keep everything Read More »

Create the best self-storage inventory list

check list for self storage

While it’s a great place to keep your extra furniture, fixings, and family memories, it can build up over time and make it difficult to know what you have in the unit. An inventory list is an ideal solution; it will help you keep track of what you put in and take out of storage. Read More »

The Best Storage Unit Sizes for Your Needs

storage unit sizes

Our range of self-storage units and container yards offer great versatility. Whether you need to rent a storage unit while moving home, want somewhere to use as business storage, or want to declutter the home, we have a solution for you. Our self-storage unit guide tips on choosing the best storage unit sizes for your Read More »

How to Pack Items for a Self Storage Unit

How to Pack Items for a Self storage Unit

We sometimes don’t have enough space at home for the things we treasure or want to keep. A storage unit is a perfect solution. However, this doesn’t mean you can store your things haphazardly. To protect your valued items, we’ve created some guidance on how to pack a storage unit. Read here for many storage Read More »

Choosing a Document Storage Provider

Document storage providers

Document storage is a part of any business. You may aim to conduct a paper-free office, or most of your files are digital.  However, there will still be requirements for storage for documents. While you can easily manage digital files with hard drives and cloud storage, what do you do with your office’s paperwork? Offsite Read More »

Self Storage Tips for Moving Home

self storage tips moving home

Moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do. With our self storage tips for moving home, you can remove a little stress and enjoy your new place. We share some handy self storage tips and tricks so you can organise yourself before and after the move. What to do before you Read More »

How to Pack a Self Storage Unit

how to pack a storage unit

We have you covered if you are considering renting a storage unit and want some self-storage tips. Here we explore everything about how to pack a self-storage unit, from packing materials to organising the space for easy access. Packing Things for Storage When it comes to our household items, there are times when you find Read More »

Tradesman storage – how a self-storage unit can help your business

Tradesman Storage - Boxpod Space

Self-storage containers have many uses, and one of the most popular ones is for business storage. Small business owners, tradespeople, and entrepreneurs often find they need more space. As we look at tradesman storage and how self-storage units can help your business, you will see why and how you can use tradesman storage containers. Why Read More »

Tips for storing Christmas decorations

Christmas decoration storage

As the festive season ends and we start the New Year, you will have to start thinking about taking the decorations down and packing everything away. While it may not be a task you are looking forward to, it’s one that inevitably needs doing. We have some top tips on storing Christmas decorations to make Read More »

How to store electronics in storage units

Storing old electronics

With the fast-paced and evolving world of electronics, it is not uncommon to find yourself with a pile of old devices and electronic equipment. Although you may be upgrading your things constantly, you may wish to keep your previous electronics as a backup or pass them on to someone else in the family later. Our Read More »