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How to pack furniture for long-term storage

White chair and plant

Are you temporarily or permanently moving out across the country but haven’t found a permanent home yet? Or maybe you just want to downsize your home, start a renovation project, or try to tidy up your patio furniture out of your way.  No matter the reason, your best option is to store your furniture somewhere Read More »

How to store clothes long term in self-storage


Maybe you’re starting to think about storing your seasonal clothes, or perhaps you’re thinking to live life on the road, and you’re not very sure when you’ll be coming back. What about vintage clothing lovers that want to keep their clothes safe for their next big occasion or vintage fair? Whatever the reason may be, Read More »

Top 6 benefits of storage units for self-employed people

Working on a table

A self-employed person will always have to do everything they can to stay productive whilst minimising their expenses. It’s something that every single business owner needs to do to ensure their growth. But what you may not know is that, as a self-employed person, renting self-storage units is an excellent way of achieving both of Read More »

How to organise storage units for frequent access

Organising items

Creating easy and hassle-free access to your belongings in a self-storage unit can be quite challenging, we know. Many storage customers love storing their seasonal clothing so that it won’t take up too much space in their home in between cold and hot seasons. This is all great until they need to access them fast Read More »

The complete checklist: How to “live life on the road”

world map in the car

Living life on the road is a dream for many people (including us)! We know that most homeowners have big plans to travel around the world full time, but they are too scared to make the big leap into the unknown.  Living life on the road full time isn’t easy, and some sacrifices need to Read More »

How can you work out of a self-storage unit: Do’s and Don’ts


When it comes to self-storage for business use, one of the most frequently asked questions our clients have is, “can I work out of a storage unit?”. Well, whilst technically, the answer is no, there are some legal ways in which self-storage units can benefit your business to grow for many reasons.  This article will Read More »

How to store batteries safely in self-storage units?


Considering the exponential growth of electronic devices being manufactured, batteries can be found and seen everywhere. By now, you may already know the numerous benefits of using self-storage facilities, and storing batteries are one of them, but there are some rules and words of advice on how to keep them safe. In case you are Read More »

What not to store in a storage unit, and why

mum and daughter packing boxes

In case you are reading this article, it’s most likely because you’ve searched on the internet for what you can and can’t store in a self-storage unit.  Most homeowners start thinking about investing in self-storage, especially when moving houses or decluttering their homes. Are you one of them? In case you are, check out our Read More »

5 practical ways to decorate on a budget by reusing & repurposing

hanging plants and art

Did you know that 1% of the items we buy are still in use 6 months later? In today’s world, people tend to overbuy and let themselves be led by their materialistic values. Especially for homeowners, over-purchasing when decorating a house can become pretty wild. In most cases, previously used furniture and decoration accessories are Read More »

5 helpful tips for spring cleaning and decluttering

Spring blossoming flowers

Believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning and decluttering your home! This is an enjoyable and vital time for every householder, especially if you or your family have any allergies. Keep on reading our article with our top five spring cleaning and decluttering tips that will positively transform your house Read More »