Self Storage FAQ

Self Storage FAQ


The most frequently asked self-storage question is undoubtedly what self storage solutions do we offer? Boxpod Space offers four types of self storage:


  1. Self Storage For Business


BoxPod self-storage containers and yards are designed to provide an effective, budget-friendly solution for many business and trade requirements. With an extensive array of options and add-ons at your disposal, our units stand out, promising adaptability and value. Every space is ready to be customised, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the unique demands of your business.


  1. Self Storage Containers


Seeking a clutter-free garage or a designated, cost-effective area for your business operations? Look no further. Our self-storage containers are versatile, catering to household needs and serving as an invaluable asset to businesses, big or small.

  1. Self Storage Yards


Beyond containers, our self-storage yard spaces offer uncomplicated, cost-effective solutions. Ideal for diverse storage purposes, including vehicle storage, these yards are nestled within a primary secure compound under vigilant CCTV surveillance. Individual locking gates reinforce security, ensuring your possessions remain safely ensconced within their dedicated space.


  1. Self Storage Units & Yards


Small businesses often grapple with finding the right balance between space and cost. We present a hybrid solution by coupling our self-storage yards with a container, offering flexibility without the hefty price tag. It’s the ideal way for emerging businesses to flourish without the constraints of exorbitant property overheads.

Can I rent a container and yard separately?

Yes you can! Just give us a call to sort it out!

How do you pay rent for your container/yard?

Containers and Yards are paid by direct debit monthly.

Do I have to commit long term to the container and yard space?

No, you can rent for as long or short a time as you like!

What sizes are your containers and yards?

Containers and yards are sized 20ft and upwards.

Do I have to rent a container and yard together?

No you don’t, they are separate items.

How do I reserve a container or yard?

Just call us to discuss it!

How much notice do I need to give to vacate a container/yard?

One month’s notice is required.

Do I need a padlock?

No, we supply them for you.

Will my belongings be insured?

No, insurance is down to you!

I already rent a container/yard, can I rent another?

Yes you can! Just give us a call.

Do I get 24 hour access to my container/yard

Yes, depending on which site you are on!

Are the units cleaned between uses?

All units are checked, cleared and cleaned before being handed over to another person.