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How to Store Appliances in Self-Storage

How to store appliances

If you have to store appliances, you need to make sure you prepare them properly. If you are wondering how to store appliances in storage, we have all the information you need. There are many reasons you may need to use short-term storage for appliances. Also, you may want to keep appliances in storage for longer.

You may be moving home and need to store electrical items. Alternatively, if you are renovating the kitchen and want to keep everything in good condition, our guide will help you prepare items for storage. If you have bought new appliances after redoing the kitchen, you may want to keep your old ones as backups. Are the kids off to university soon? Store those small kitchen appliances for them to take to the halls.

How to store large kitchen appliances

Moving large appliances into storage is handy if you want to redecorate the kitchen. Getting the bulkier items out of the way will make it easier to move around the space. It will also ensure there is no chance of mishaps. You don’t want expensive appliances to get damaged or covered in paint. You might have bought a new fridge or washer and want to keep the other as a backup. Whatever the reason, storing appliances is easy when done correctly.

Preparing items for packing in a self-storage unit is vital. It will ensure that everything stays in good condition and works properly when you move things out again. It will only take a little bit of work initially, to save you a lot of work and hassle in the future. Here are some tips on how to store large kitchen appliances in storage containers:

Fridges and Freezers

  • Keep upright as much as possible
  • Remove all food
  • Defrost thoroughly
  • Clean the interior of the freezer and fridge compartments
  • Remove glass shelves and interior fixings – move separately
  • Leave doors ajar when in storage
  • Place a tub of baking soda inside to eliminate smells
  • Wrap in protective packing and tape doors during transit

Moving fridges or freezers can damage them, so keep them upright as much as possible. Ensure all food is removed and any crumbs and other remnants are entirely cleaned out. Any food will attract mould and insects. The appliances can easily be scratched, so protective film and packing are essential for protecting the fridge during the move. Tape the doors during the move to make sure they don’t swing open and become dented or damaged during transit.

Storing a Washing machine

  • Do an empty wash cycle with bleach, white vinegar, or a specialist cleaning product
  • Drain all water from the washing machine
  • Clean the appliance inside and out
  • Use transit bolts if you still have them

Running an empty wash with a specialist cleaning solution, bleach, or white vinegar will help clean all the pipes and interior of the washing machine. It will remove any buildup and stop mould from developing while in self-storage. You must completely drain the washing machine, especially if you want to store the washing machine over winter. Any water left inside the machine may freeze if you don’t have a temperature-controlled storage unit. As the water freezes and expands it can make the internal mechanisms and pipes break. If you need help choosing the right storage unit, our guide on the best storage unit sizes for your needs is a must-read.

How to store small kitchen appliances

It can be very easy to accumulate lots of kitchen gadgets; storing them is the perfect solution if you can’t let them go. Here are some things to keep in mind when getting items ready for self-storage:

  • Pack in the original box if you still have it
  • Clean and dry each appliance
  • Wrap in bubble wrap and tape securely
  • Tape microwave door to stop it from opening when moving
  • Place in small boxes and pack into large boxes

Storing small kitchen appliances is simple and easy if you pack everything securely. If you don’t have the original packaging that the machine came in, buy some high-quality bubble wrap and boxes to keep them in good condition. You can place multiple small appliances into bigger boxes to make the move easier. Label everything clearly with a list of what is inside if you need to find something again.

Packaging everything properly is essential if you want to store other items with your appliances. In order to make the most of your storage unit, a little preparation goes a long way. You can use a storage unit to keep all of your items secure. Simply take some time to pack and prepare everything to go into a storage container. You can find all the information you need in our blog on how to pack items for a self-storage unit.

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