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Choosing a Document Storage Provider

Document storage providers

Document storage is a part of any business. Whatever industry you are in, paperwork is bound to be part of it. You may aim to conduct a paper-free office, or most of your files are digital.  However, there will still be requirements for storage of documents. Accounting, receipts and other paperwork will require storage for reference at a later date.

While you can easily manage digital files with hard drives and cloud storage, what do you do with your office’s paperwork? Offsite storage and self-storage units are an excellent solution if you need space for all those files. Here we share some tips on choosing a document storage provider.

What are the benefits of using a document storage provider?

You may have an excellent organisational system for your business, but paperwork will still accumulate. Documents storage can be more efficient if you use an offsite document storage provider. There are many benefits to using this type of system, including:

  • Improved working environment – removing excess documents gives you a clutter-free workspace that enhances productivity. Stacks of documents and other paperwork is no longer in the workplace, so it’s tidier and much more professional looking.
  • Secure storage for documents – using a business self-storage unit, your documents will be protected using the best security systems. It will give you and your clients peace of mind, it will keep the information within the files safe and secure.
  • Easy access to records – having a storage container for your business files will allow you to organise everything properly and easily find information when you need it. Many storage providers offer local locations for storage units, so you will have all your information nearby.

Using a self-storage unit is an excellent choice if you work from home. It will help keep your home free from clutter and save space. Your business and its paperwork will no longer take over your home and be in the way when spending time with your family. Our blog on the top 6 benefits of storage units for self-employed people has more information.

What you need to consider when looking at storage for documents

When it comes to finding the best document storage provider, there are some things you need to think about. When signing an agreement with a storage facility, you should look at the contract terms. There are also other things you need to think about, including:

  • Access – how easy is it to gain access to your storage unit when you need to
  • Location – you will want a storage unit that is close to your business
  • Security systems – ensure the self-storage business has excellent security

Finding the best provider for document storage will depend on where your business is located and how much you will need to store. Many providers offer small storage units, perfect for documents and other business materials. A good storage unit yard will have excellent security and easy access for you.

Using a storage unit for documents

When you have found a suitable local storage unit with everything you are looking for, it’s time to use it. Start by selecting all of the files you want to store and organise items ready for transport to the storage facility. You can organise files by:

  • Use storage boxes
  • Organise files in the document storage box
  • Place older files in the back of the unit
  • Ensure you have easy access to files you may need again

Organising the files in your storage unit similarly to how you would use them in the office is a good system. It will help you identify which document storage box you need. It will also make sure you can quickly locate files if you need to access the information later.

The many benefits of storing business paperwork and other items in storage are the reason why this has become a popular use for business storage. It saves a lot of money for you as an affordable storage unit is cheaper than moving to larger business premises. Many storage yards offer flexible contracts, so if you only need short-term storage for documents, it’s ideal.

If you are looking for a storage unit for your business, we have a range of containers and storage yards. Our sites offer secure units monitored by CCTV. Each yard has a unique lock with coded access so you can access your files and document storage when it’s convenient for you. The flexible contracts we offer are perfect for short-term storage and our attractive pricing is perfect for longer use.

Contact us today to find out about renting a storage unit and prices. Many business owners and self-employed tradespeople use our storage facilities so that we can provide the best storage unit for your business documents.