Self Storage Containers

Perfect for all-around use

There are many reasons why you might need a self storage container. Whether you need to clear your garage of clutter or have a dedicated, affordable space for your business and storage facility- we have a self storage container to suit your needs!

The containers are not only great for extra household storage, but they are also ideal for many businesses such as: 

  • Trade industry businesses (e.g. Carpet fitters, electricians or plumbers)
  • A business run from home that needs room to grow
  • Offices who need more storage space for documents
  • Online retailers with excess stock

With a range of different sizes of self storage containers, you can rent the amount of room you need- and if you ever need more, then we can help you with that too! The containers can also be taken with useful, lockable yards that can be valuable additional space at a lower cost than the containers.


Why choose us?

Guaranteed security

We pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our containers are in excellent condition all year round. Each unit is secure, dry and within a secure gated compound which is monitored around the clock by CCTV. All Boxpod sites use coded access and sturdy padlocks to keep the grounds, and your belongings, safe. You can be assured that no matter what you store in it, your container is protected. 

Storage spaces to suit every need

An additional advantage is that all the self storage containers can be easily racked out to maximize on the useful space. Being able to raise certain items off the floor increases its longevity while being kept in self storage. For information on how to store different items in self storage, check out our blog piece on just that!

To suit our range of container sizes, we also have various monthly rental packages that do not require you to be tied into a longer contract. Our packages are competitive, flexible and affordable. No matter your reason for hiring out one of our containers, we will have a package that will suit both your storage and budget requirements. 

24 hour access

You will also benefit from 24 hour access to your storage container- however this does depend on which site you utilise. This means that you are not restricted as to when you can access your own belongings. 


Get in touch 

Why not call today to find out more and have the opportunity of securing one of these great spaces? Give us a call today on 0116 279 1570, or you can click the button below to apply and hold a container online.