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5 Tips for self storage this winter

self storage for winter

With winter just around the corner, storing your belongings during the colder months means you might need to take extra precautions for protection. When it comes to self storage for Winter, there are some things to consider. What’s most important is that your items will stay in secure and dry conditions so that they can be put to use again in the new year. 

Some things you might want to put in self-storage this winter are garden furniture and decorations, sports gear, BBQs, camping equipment, summer items and clothing, and much more. However, cold weather and lack of use can damage your belongings, so check out our top five tips on safeguarding everything you want to store. 

 1. Insulate

Adding extra padding for protection is a great idea, and you can easily do so by packing your items and wrapping them in wool or cotton blankets to keep them warm and safe. Especially when storing long-term, this will keep insects and dirt away. Tip? If you don’t have any blankets handy, just use some newspaper, and by doing so, you will still manage to retain a considerable amount of heat. But make sure it’s not a low-quality paper, so pick your best ones from your home (we all have them lying around everywhere, ready to be thrown away, so give them a useful purpose!). 

However, choosing the right self-storage company is the best advice that we can give. This is mainly to assure that the storage containers are new, of high quality, and without any leakages. 

2. Use high-quality packing materials

Try to stay away from cardboard boxes during winter, as the cold weather will make them moist, increasing the danger of damaging your items. Other materials to avoid when packing are wood, porcelain, leather and metal as they can easily crack during sudden temperature changes. 

Our recommendation is to use polystyrene peanuts to protect your belongings. Also, when it comes to packing items that are highly vulnerable to water (paper items, electronics, etc.), make sure you pack them well in plastic boxes. But keep in mind that plastic can also become brittle in cold weather, so don’t throw the boxes around, as they are going to break. Another golden tip? Place small items in sealed and waterproof plastic bags, and wrap individual items in padding paper – they can be a lifesaver (you can even go a little extra and put everything in bubble wrap for more security). 

3. Don’t place electronics on the ground 

Don’t rely on the climate-control feature of your self-storage space (if available) as the ground will get very cold compared to the overall temperature. This will most likely damage your electronics and their batteries, lowering their functionality next time when you put them to use, or in the worst-case scenario, they will break completely. 

4. Clean items before storing 

Always clean everything you will put in the self storage unit this winter, as dirty items are highly susceptible to pests. Also, we know that it’s by far the most obvious thing to do if you want to get your stuff out in good condition. So wipe them, dry them and remove any dirt that you can notice. Don’t forget about your machinery (trimmers, lawn equipment, etc.), and even the lighter items. Bonus? By cleaning everything, you will be able to prevent deterioration over time, especially if you are storing for the long term.

5. Make repairs before storing 

Next time you’ll take something out from your self-storage space, you might want to use things straight away or on the same day. If the items are not working correctly because you’ve stored them throughout winter broken and damaged to start with, that might cause you a significant inconvenience. So to avoid this, make sure that all your equipment and belongings are ready to be used whenever needed. This will surely put your mind at ease during winter. 

With these simple tips and a bit of effort from your side, your items will be safe and protected during the cold winter months. If you are looking for secure and reliable self-storage, why not contact us today to have a chat with our friendly team?

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