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How to declutter your house after the holidays

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The holidays are over, and we’ve entered a New Year! Now, here comes the fun part when you realise that you have to declutter your home and get rid of all your colours and festive decorations, gifts and everything in between. 

You may be wondering how you will clean all that up, and more importantly, where are you going to store it, right? We know that decluttering your home can be quite overwhelming, so that’s why we’ve prepared for you five simple tips on how to do a cleanse after the holidays that will allow you to focus on setting new goals instead of stressing out! By following our practical tips, you can indeed move into the New Year with a clean home, full of useful things, and leaving behind all that no longer is of use.

Tip 1. Put away festive decorations

Now it’s time to return your house to its normal state, and let some light and air strike back into all rooms. Pack all your decorations, including fairy lights, baubles, ornaments, and tinsel, and store them safely for next Christmas. 

A nice thing that you and your family could do together is to sort out all the festive decorations that you might want to donate or dispose of. In case you’ve had any natural decorations like wreaths, why not send them to the compost bin? Being able to turn eco-friendly is always a plus! 

Tip 2. Get rid of any unwanted gifts

We know that this might sound quite harsh, getting rid of gifts, however, it will make a considerable difference in the free space in your house! We all have that grandmother or auntie that gifts us with the same ugly sweater every year, despite us telling them that we don’t like it, right? 

Knowing what to do with these kinds of gifts can be quite tricky, but this is by far one of the best decluttering tips we have for you. You can either exchange them or even regift them to people you know that might like them. If not, donate them to your favourite charity that is the closest to your heart, and bring a smile on a stranger’s face! Charities usually have a list of items that they might need, such as socks, blankets, notepads, and art, and all these are generous donations that you can make straight after the holidays.

Tip 3. Give items a new place 

During the holidays, people tend to bring a lot of things in their homes that after the holidays might need a different place. These include any new items you may have been gifted with or treated yourself with, such as books and clothes (these seem to be the most typical items people love to store). 

One of the reasons to declutter your home after the holidays could also simply be because you may want to reorganise your book-shelves, wardrobes, and storage rooms (if you have any). By doing so, you will not only declutter your home, but you will also declutter your life.

But take note that this is the moment when you should be very honest with yourself. If you haven’t used items in a long time, especially if they are not in good condition anymore, get rid of them! Let the new to enter your house and your life, and stop holding onto the old! 

Tip 4. Clean the refrigerator and pantry 

After the holidays, you will be left with plenty of food that will have to get stored in your freezer and cupboards. But most often, people’s kitchen shelves burst with treats that are not needed anymore, such as snacks and expired foods. These should be disposed of immediately, and we are talking about all that unwanted alcohol too!

Keeping alcohol in your house might keep the festive spirit around for longer, but it will do no good to your kitchen or dining room space, so get organising! This is a must if you want to feel that you are getting back on track after the holidays.

Tip 5. Use self-storage facilities  

This is a handy thing to do when going through your ‘how to declutter your home checklist’! Turning to self-storage facilities is a very convenient and flexible alternative, as it makes everything easier, including storing and moving your unwanted items. 

If you don’t have enough room to keep your belongings safe at your house, a storage container could be worth your while. We have many great articles that could get you started on this, as we know that one question you may have is how to store items in self-storage units, or how to pack and label your items for storage.

Our storage units are available with flexible terms and at competitive rates, so if you want to find out more, simply give us a call on 07971 698 993, fill out our contact form, or just apply online today to secure your own self-storage space!