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How to pack and label your items for self storage

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Before you can move your surplus items into a storage container, you need to pack and label them. This can feel overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of things to move. In this article, we’ll give you some practical tips that should help to make it easier.

1. Pack like items together

Keeping similar things together makes good sense, particularly if you’ll want to take them all out of the storage unit at the same time. You can categorise your items in a number of ways.

For example, by:

  • Season e.g. Summer clothes, Christmas decorations
  • Room e.g. Nursery items, Garden shed
  • Person e.g. Sam’s toys, Tom’s vinyl records
  • Year e.g. Business accounts 2017/18
  • Purpose e.g. DIY tools, Reference books

2. Make an inventory

Write an inventory of everything you’re putting into storage and make two copies. Keep one copy at your home, or place of business, so you can refer to it as needed. Keep the second copy at the unit, so you have a reference there too.

3. Pack everything into boxes

Using boxes will make your items easier to move and will keep everything neat and tidy once inside the unit. Choose strong boxes that will keep their shape and won’t cave in when you stack on top of them. Boxes of the same size and shape are easier to stack and will help you make the most of the space. They also create a more stable stack that’s less likely to fall over and damage your items.

4. Pack items sensibly

Put the strongest and heaviest items towards the bottom of the box and the lighter, more fragile things on top. Pack the items tightly to stop them moving around inside the box. If you are storing things such as TV’s or other electrical items, read how to store electronics in a storage unit to pack everything properly.

5. Label each face of the box

Writing your contents on each face of the box will help you find the box you’re looking for more easily when they’re all stacked together. If each box contains a selection of things from different categories, it might be easier to number your boxes instead and create a separate contents list for each box number.

6. Seal the boxes

Sealing the boxes properly protects your items from airborne dust. It also means the boxes hold their shape and stay strong. Avoid using excessive amounts of tape as this can make the boxes difficult to reopen and means you’re more likely to risk damaging them.

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