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Your garden furniture storage unit for the winter

Garden furniture in winter covered in snow

As the seasons change and the weather becomes colder, we will be using our garden a lot less. We have all spent a lot of time in our outdoor spaces this year. While that’s great, our garden furniture has seen a lot more use than usual. To make sure you get to enjoy it just as much next year, garden furniture storage is essential. Here we break down the best ways to store your furniture to keep it looking good. Make sure you are ready for the good weather with our winter furniture storage tips.

Outdoor garden storage 

There are some jobs we all have to do as summer ends and we get into the colder months. As you mow the lawn one last time and trim the bushes to keep everything neat, you will also pack away the garden furniture to protect it from the elements. You may usually push everything into the shed and forget about it, but that’s not the best approach. Depending on the type of furniture you have, there are some things you need to do to prepare it for winter storage.

Best ways to store garden furniture

Garden furniture can be made from different materials, and the way you store it will change depending on the type of furniture. Plastic furniture is highly durable, but the main risk when packed away is mildew which will cause the plastic to discolour. Clean the items down with warm soapy water and make sure it is completely dry. The furniture can then be covered with a tarp or with garden furniture winter covers.

Proper garden furniture storage for wooden furniture is aimed at protecting it from rot. Fungal spores and other debris can collect on wooden furniture and cause moss buildup and the breakdown of the wood. Before storing the garden furniture, clean it with a stiff brush and hot soapy water. Once dry, apply a thin layer of oil to protect the wood before covering it in a tarp or placing it in the shed.

When you decide to store your garden furniture, make sure to protect your storage unit from unwanted pests. At this time of the year, families of rats and mice will look for a cosy place to hide from the cold. You don’t want your favourite furniture set to become a pest nest, right?

Other types of furniture, such as iron or wicker garden furniture, can be more susceptible to damage due to weather.  These items should be placed in a garden storage unit to prevent metal garden furniture from rusting or rattan/wicker items deteriorating.

Better hide these stunning garden furniture from the snow!
Better hide these stunning garden furniture from the snow!

Garden furniture storage tips

Garden Sheds

When storing your items in a shed or other outbuilding, make sure the roof is in good condition and still waterproof. Water can cause problems for any items stored inside, so repair any holes or other issues with the roofing. Also, check all locks and windows to ensure they are secure to protect your items from being stolen.


If the furniture has fabric elements, such as cushions or parasols, these should be stored inside. If placed outside, small animals and other critters may be attracted to the fabrics and cause damage.

Garden storage unit

When it comes to large garden furniture storage, many people don’t have enough space to keep everything. A self-storage container for garden furniture is an excellent way to protect everything without taking up all the space in your shed or outbuildings. 

If you require storage for garden furniture or other items, contact us today. We have secure storage units of all shapes and sizes.