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Maximising Storage Unit Space

Maximising storage unit space

Learn how to make the most of your storage unit space with our comprehensive guide. Discover tips and tricks for packing, organising, and maximising your unit to ensure your belongings are safe and easily accessible. Read on to maximise your storage space today.

How to Maximise Storage Unit Space

Here, we will explain the steps you can take to ensure your unit holds everything you need. When it comes to packing and storing items in a unit, preparation is vital. You can:

  • Purge it
  • Use shelves
  • Store your most-used items at the front
  • Break it down
  • Use the vertical space

Wondering which size unit you need? Check out our blog on the best storage unit sizes for your needs.

Purge it

At our storage facility, we are committed to providing ample space for your belongings. However, we recognise that renting multiple units can be a financial burden. That’s why it’s crucial to consider whether you need each item before storing it.

Holding onto items for sentimental reasons or just in case may seem harmless, but it can quickly consume valuable space in your storage unit. To make the most of your room, consider purging your possessions and selling or donating them to those in need. Start simplifying and optimising your storage unit space today.

Store your most-used items at the front

Maximising the use of your storage unit requires proper packing techniques. To make accessing your belongings easy, start by placing the items you frequently use at the front of the unit. This will save you the hassle of digging through your belongings to find what you need.

Another of our top storage tips and tricks is to create a list of frequently used items that can help you plan the arrangement of your unit, ensuring that everything is in its place and easily accessible.

Break it down

When it comes to storing valuables, disassembly can be a game changer. Large items like coffee tables and bathroom mirrors can be taken apart and packed in smaller boxes, freeing up space in your unit. This way, instead of taking up room with bulky furniture, you can stack compact, flexible packages, making the most of your storage space. You will find more storage tips in our blog on how to pack items for a storage unit.

Use the vertical space

Maximising storage space in your unit requires a three-dimensional approach. Don’t limit yourself to just the floor space. Stacking boxes and storing items vertically can significantly increase the usable space in a storage unit.

When storing large items such as bed frames, mattresses, and furniture, be sure to place them vertically to maximise the use of vertical space. However, stacking boxes high comes with risks, so consider using a piece of plywood to add stability and prevent boxes from collapsing.

Using your unit’s height and width, you can efficiently store more items and get the most out of your storage space. Keep in mind, however, to place heavier items on the bottom to maintain stability.

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