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How to utilise self storage for business use


While you may think of storage units as places to put furniture and other items from your home, they are also a handy system for many business owners. Self-storage facilities are becoming more popular, and one of the reasons is that businesses are starting to realise the benefits of using them. A storage container for business stock can be an excellent way of increasing revenue and reducing costs. Here, we explore the many benefits and how to utilise self storage for business use.

What can I store in a storage container?

With so many storage containers and self-storage options available, businesses across many industries use these facilities. Retailers can store extra stock giving them more space in their shops. If you are a tradesman with many tools, you can store everything securely and only take the relevant tools for each job.

Renting a bigger commercial space can be too expensive for many business owners, so a storage container is a much more viable option. Offices and other document-heavy business sectors use self-storage for archiving files, and hospitality businesses can store extra seating and tables ready for their next event.

As there is a range of options, including secure yards and large self-storage containers, some companies keep specialist equipment or vehicles in storage. The possibilities are endless when it comes to business self-storage, and if you feel like you need more space, this is an affordable solution.

Why use self storage for business?

Signing up for a commercial lease on a bigger property can mean high costs and may tie you into a long-term contract you may not need. Storage for business allows you to get the extra space you need at a lower price. If you are a tradesman, you may not have commercial space at all and need somewhere to keep all of your business inventory and tools, so it’s out of your home. You can use your self-storage for your business for:

Storing tools – if you have large equipment or many tools, you can keep them in a container and only take out what you need in the van for each job
Documents – there can be a lot of paperwork involved in any business, so storing receipts, invoices, and other paperwork in self-storage can help you stay organised
Warehouse – if you sell items or have a lot of parts and inventory for upcoming projects, the storage container gives you the extra space you need
Temporary business storage – if you are moving locations, you can keep everything in a storage unit until your new office of the warehouse is ready

Choosing the best business self-storage

Whatever you choose to use your storage container for in your business, there are some things you will have to consider. The site must have excellent security so that your inventory is safe. Your storage needs may change over time, so find a self-storage facility with a choice of storage container sizes.

At Boxpod, we have several facilities for self-storage and work with businesses of all sizes. Our storage containers and storage yards include top security to give you peace of mind. We have self-storage containers and yards that can accommodate your needs, contact us today for more information on our business self storage.