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How self storage can help you prepare for Brexit

Too much stock in a warehouse
As we prepare to leave the European Union, UK businesses are facing uncertainty about the future and how Brexit will affect them. But, for now, no one really knows what the consequences of Brexit will be. And it’s difficult to make solid plans when we only know what might possibly happen.

Has Brexit halted your expansion plans?

If your business is growing, you might be finding yourself short on space. But you may be reluctant to move to a larger premises before you know what impact Brexit will have. And you might be faced with the prospect of turning down business because you don’t have the capacity.

Self storage could help you manage your growth risk-free.

Many growing businesses have turned to self storage as a temporary solution. The extra storage space has helped them manage their growth more effectively during this period of uncertainty. Self storage gives you the flexibility of extra space, as and when you need it. So you can continue to expand your business safely, without the cost or risk of moving.

Are you stockpiling resources before Brexit?

There have been warnings of hold-ups at the ports after Brexit. These warnings have prompted many businesses to begin stockpiling goods and materials they need. Stockpiling the resources you import will help you continue trading if there is a delay. And buying in bulk now could save you money if prices increase after Brexit. But the problem with stockpiling is that it takes up room in your premises. Brexit-related stockpiling has already had a major impact on our warehouses. According to the UK Warehousing Association (UKWA), around 75% of their members are already at full capacity and unable to take on new customers.

Self storage could help you manage your reserve.

Using a warehouse to stockpile your resources might seem sensible, but it can be expensive and you could find yourself tied into a longer contract than you really need. Many smaller businesses have found self storage is better suited to their needs. Self storage is secure and offers more affordable rates and more flexible terms.

Do you need extra storage in the lead up to Brexit?

If you need some extra storage to help you plan for Brexit, Boxpod Space can help. We provide secure self-storage facilities in Louth, Wisbech, Oakham and Sleaford. Our units and yards are in gated compounds monitored by 24-hour CCTV. To find out more about our flexible terms and competitive rates, please contact us. GET IN TOUCH