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How Self-Storage can help this Christmas

Christmas self-storage
It’s that magical time of year, in so many ways! If you are considering Christmas self-storage or want to know why it’s the perfect time to rent a unit, read on. If you are running a business, it’s a time to spread some joy and make money, selling seasonal items in your shop. At home it’s time to fill your house with beautiful decorations, plan wonderful surprises, and entertain your family and friends. But it can also be a logistical nightmare — especially if you’re short on space. Whatever space you have, it can quickly feel overwhelmed by the many Christmas items that will come your way. Here are some of the ways self storage can help during the festive season.

Before Christmas…

Clear your stock room

If you’re carrying seasonal stock, you’ll have had to make some room for it. This may have meant moving some of your non-seasonal stock to a different area. If that temporary storage area is not ideal, your stock could be at risk of damage or breakages. Putting the stock you don’t need right now into storage will keep it safe and secure until the festive season is over. It will also give you more room for the seasonal items you’re selling. Business self-storage gives you the flexible space you need for rotating stock. Many locations are available across the UK, so you can find a convenient storage yard that is perfect for your business.

Declutter your home

Christmas can take over your space.  There’s the tree, presents and festive ornaments. If you’re entertaining, there could be an extended dining table. And if you’re having people to stay over, there could be extra beds too. Before you can bring all these things into your home, you might need to make some room. You can declutter your space by putting the things you won’t need into temporary self storage.  Clear out the space so everyone has plenty of room to enjoy themselves during the festivities. Remove clutter, rearrange furniture and put excess items into a storage container.

Store your presents

Small items, such as jewellery and vouchers, are easy to hide away. But larger gifts, like a dolls’ house, bike or canoe, are much harder to store. Plus, if they’re in your home, there’s always a risk they’ll be found — and your big surprise will be ruined. Temporary self storage offers you the perfect place to store these larger items safely and securely — until Santa comes.

Store extra kitchen and party supplies

If you have parties planned, you might need more glasses, plates or cutlery. There may also be Christmas crackers and party decorations, such as balloons and lanterns, which all take up space. A storage unit will keep these things tidy, clean and safe until the day of your party.

After Christmas…

Store your catering supplies

There are things we use over Christmas that we don’t necessarily need every day. Like family-size roasting tins, large pans and serving platters. These can be difficult to store in a small or average sized kitchen. If you want to keep them, but know you won’t be using them again for a while, why not put them into storage?

Store your decorations

Decorations, like artificial trees, door wreaths and baubles, need careful packaging and storage so you can use them for the years to come. But the lofts of new build houses are not designed for storage. And if you stuff them in a cupboard they could be squashed or broken. A storage unit is a great way to keep them safe and in good condition until next year. 

Storage space rental in the East Midlands

A self storage unit can help you store things you’re not using and keep your space free from unnecessary clutter. If you’d like to find out more, ask us about our secure self-storage containers and yards in Sleaford, Wisbech, Oakham and Louth. GET IN TOUCH