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Self Storage Tips for Moving Home

self storage tips moving home

Moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do. With our self storage tips for moving home, you can remove a little stress and enjoy your new place. We share some handy self storage tips and tricks so you can organise yourself before and after the move.

What to do before you move

A great thing about moving house is that it is an ideal opportunity to have a clear out. The longer you stay in one place, the more you accumulate things. You may not notice everything piling up, so now is the time to sort out your items.

Decluttering the home before you move house is one of the best storage tips and tricks. You will have less stuff to move to the new place, and you will need a smaller storage unit. To get started, you can:

  • Break down the task by room
  • Identify things you haven’t used in a while
  • Organise items into categories – keep, throw away and donate

Tackling things this way will ensure you only keep what you need, so you have an easier time unpacking at the new house. If you haven’t used something in a long time, it no longer serves a purpose for you. If it is in good condition, you can donate it.

After you have cleared out things you don’t want or need, packing up your house will be much easier. You will need a detailed packing inventory to pack up your home correctly. Pack items from rooms and keep those boxes together, so you can easily find them.

Self storage tips and tricks – during the move

When it comes to packing and storage during the move, a storage container can be really useful. You can place items in a storage container if you have a lot to move. That way, you only take the essentials on moving day and can come for the rest at a less busy time.

You may find you don’t need everything at the new house; however, you don’t want to get rid of things. A storage yard is handy for keeping all those memories and keepsakes safe. We have more storage tips on our guide on how to pack a self storage unit.

After the move – storage tips and tricks

Unpacking after the move will be less hassle if you follow the above steps. Using these storage tips allows you to unpack at your leisure. You can keep many items at the storage facility while you decorate your new home. Keeping everything out of the way as you paint and decorate helps protect your possessions from damage.

Having easy access to the storage unit means you can go back and forth whenever you need something. Our units are secure and allow you to access them when you want. After you have unpacked your essentials and decorated the place, you can visit the container for the rest of your items.

You might find you don’t want to use all of your furniture in the new home right away. You can keep the items in a unit, so you still have them. Our guide on how to pack furniture for long-term storage has lots of tips to keep things in great shape for later use.

Make moving home less stressful by using a short-term storage unit rental. Our range of containers and storage yards offer excellent flexibility and secure space. A range of options and extras allow you to find the perfect space for your needs. Contact us today to find an affordable storage solution for your house move.