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Tips for storing Christmas decorations

Christmas decoration storage

As the festive season ends and we start the New Year, you will have to start thinking about taking the decorations down and packing everything away. While it may not be a task you are looking forward to, it’s one that inevitably needs doing. We have some top tips on storing Christmas decorations to make sure they stay safe and in excellent condition so you can enjoy unpacking them with the family when the holidays roll around again.

Packing away Christmas decorations

It will never be as much fun as putting them up, but Christmas decoration storage doesn’t have to be a chore. Here we give you some Christmas decoration storage tips to make it easy to organise, store and protect everything ready for Christmas 2022. We recommend you have the following ready to pack the decorations away for safe storage:

  • Christmas tree box
  • Storage containers for Christmas lights
  • Plastic containers of different sizes
  • Christmas decoration storage bags
  • Marker pens
  • Bubble wrap

Choosing the right containers for Christmas decorations

Decorations are made from different materials, and some items may need packaging designed to protect fragile items. Or you may need specific boxes for bulky things like Christmas trees. If you have delicate baubles, ensure you wrap these in bubble wrap and place them in Christmas decoration storage boxes with dividers. This will stop them from banging against each other.

Ornaments and large displays may need individual boxes to protect them when stored with other items. Christmas trees storage boxes are an excellent way to compact the tree down and save on storage space. If you don’t have the original packaging the tree came in, there are a number of replacement options available.

How to pack Christmas decorations properly

  • Check decorations as you take them down
  • List your decorations as you pack them
  • Organise decorations into groups
  • Storing Christmas decorations

Check decorations as you take them down

As you start taking the lights and other decorations down, check through everything to see if there are broken or damaged items. If there is, these can be thrown away. Some baubles or ornaments might look faded or tired after being on display, so you may want to replace them. You may also want to sort through the Christmas decorations to see if there are items you no longer want. These unwanted items you can recycle, re-use or donate.

List your decorations as you pack them

Making a list of everything you have will give you a good idea of whether you need to buy anything next time. It also helps to ensure you don’t buy duplicates of things you already have. Write a list and tape it to one of the boxes so you can easily find it or store it on your phone.

Organise decorations into groups

Keeping similar items together makes it much easier when it comes time to decorate again next year. Put Christmas tree decorations in their appropriate storage containers and organise them into one pile together. Place cushions, ornaments, lighting, and other decorations in their respective boxes. Label everything so you can identify everything without having to open every box.

Storing Christmas decorations

Now you have organised everything; it’s time to store it away. If you are storing them in a loft, be careful when climbing the ladder. For storing in garages or outdoor spaces, ensure the space is clean and dry, so everything stays in good condition. Alternatively, if you find yourself without spare space for storing items, you can use self-storage for Christmas decorations. 

Preparing decorations for self-storage

If you have decided to keep your Christmas decorations in a storage unit, you can prepare everything listed above and place it all in the unit for safekeeping. When putting your ornaments in a unit with other things, keep them all together and in an accessible spot so you can quickly get a hold of them when you need them. Choosing the right size of a self-storage unit for Christmas decorations will depend on what else you want to keep in there. Boxpod Space has a range of units available, and we have many excellent guides, including how to store items in self-storage units if you haven’t used one before.

Boxpod storage units are available on flexible terms, at excellent prices, so you want to find out more about how we can help you store your Christmas decorations or other items, contact us today.