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Tradesman storage – how a self-storage unit can help your business

Tradesman Storage - Boxpod Space

Self-storage containers have many uses, and one of the most popular ones is for business storage. Small business owners, tradespeople, and entrepreneurs often find they need more space. As we look at tradesman storage and how self-storage units can help your business, you will see why and how you can use tradesman storage containers.

Why use self-storage for tradesmen

If you are a tradesman, you will likely have a lot of tools and equipment. You won’t need many of the tools of the trade on every job, so a tradesman storage container is a handy place to keep things. The main reasons tradespeople use small business self-storage include:

Free up space

If your van is full of tools, parts, and other equipment, a storage unit is a perfect place to organise and store your tools. Tradesman tool storage is available in many locations, so you can find a storage unit near you. It will allow you to visit the business storage unit on the way to each job, or at the end of the day, and remove or add tools as you need them. It helps to keep the van organised so you can easily find the tools and parts you need while on the job. You can keep a stock of spares and specialist equipment in the tool storage unit to save time and money.

If you plan on storing power tools, read our top 7 tips on how to store power tools to keep everything in working order.

Reduce risk

If you have valuable equipment, you don’t want to risk leaving it in your van overnight. By keeping your valuable items in a storage unit, there is less risk of expensive equipment being stolen should thieves target your van. It will provide peace of mind knowing that your specialist tools and other equipment are in a secure storage unit.


You may not have a secure place to keep everything, so a tradesman storage container is the ideal solution. Storage yards and containers have state-of-the-art security to protect everything that is housed there. Your equipment will be protected and waiting for you ready for the next job.

How self-storage can help your business

Renting premises to store parts and tools can be expensive and often comes with a long-term contract. Self-storage for tradesmen is ideal as you get flexibility and affordable tool storage. Sel-storage solutions are suitable for a number of different purposes and trades, for example:


Tradesman storage containers are ideal if you have a large project and want to keep the materials in a secure place. Bulky building materials take up a lot of space, so putting them in a unit is the perfect solution. You will also likely have some items left over from jobs that you don’t want to throw away and may be able to use on the next project; you can keep these in a storage container.


Several items are common consumables for many jobs, so keeping a stock of these in your local storage unit will save you many trips to the plumbers’ merchants or DIY store. 


Like many tradespeople, electricians will regularly use some components that can be kept in stock in your tool storage unit. You can also allow your employees to have access to the unit to be able to get the parts they need for each job too.

Storage units for self-employed people, small business owners and tradespeople are useful in many ways. In our Top 6 benefits of storage units for self-employed people, you can find out why a storage unit will benefit your business.

Rent a tradesman storage unit

If you are looking for tradesman storage containers or a secure unit for keeping business stock, we can help. At Boxpod Space, we have storage yards and containers that suit your needs. Our facilities have excellent security and are also available on a flexible storage contract.

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With central locations, easy access, and affordable storage unit options, we have the tool storage ideal for your business. Contact us today to learn more about tradesman storage and how a business self-storage unit can help your company.