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Category: Tips

How to store electronics in storage units

Storing old electronics in storage units

In the rapidly evolving world of electronics, it’s common to accumulate a collection of outdated devices and equipment. With technology advancing so quickly, many people find themselves upgrading their gadgets regularly. Despite this, there can be value in keeping your old electronics. Whether you want to retain them as backups in case your new devices Read More »

Self Storage for Business Inventory Management

Self Storage For Business

Effective inventory management is a pivotal challenge for businesses across various sectors in today’s dynamic market landscape. From retail chains grappling with seasonal stock fluctuations to tradespeople needing to store bulky equipment, managing inventory efficiently can dictate operational success and financial health. As companies grow and their needs evolve, the question arises: Can I run Read More »

Self-Storage Tips – Organise a Unit for Easy Access

Self-storage tips

Navigating the world of self-storage can often seem daunting. Whether you’re a homeowner needing extra space, a tradesperson looking for efficient tool storage, or a small business owner managing inventory. In this blog, we’ll arm you with self-storage tips to transform your unit into a model of accessibility and organisation. Unlock the full potential of Read More »

How to Declutter Your Home – Storage Unit Tips

Declutter Your Home

Embarking on the journey of decluttering your home can often seem daunting. However, it opens the door to a refreshed, serene living space. With the right decluttering tips, you can transform this process into a manageable, enjoyable task. Discover how to declutter your home effectively to make the most of every nook and cranny. Use Read More »

How to Store Appliances in Self-Storage

How to store appliances

If you have to store appliances, you need to make sure you prepare them properly. If you are wondering how to store appliances in storage, we have all the information you need. There are many reasons you may need to use short-term storage for appliances. Also, you may want to keep appliances in storage for Read More »

The Benefits of Renting a Small Storage Unit

Renting a Small Storage Unit

In today’s fast-paced world, space has become a premium commodity, especially in the UK, where homes and businesses constantly look for efficient ways to declutter and organise. Enter the small self-storage unit – a convenient and cost-effective solution for those grappling with space constraints. But what exactly is a small self-storage unit? Why has it Read More »

Moving Home? How Short Term Storage Can Help

Short Tern Storage for Moving Home

Moving home is often cited as one of life’s most stressful experiences. It can be an emotional upheaval to leave a familiar place. Alternatively, the sheer magnitude of sorting years of belongings or the logistical challenges of synchronising move-out and move-in dates can feel too much. There’s no denying that relocating can be a daunting Read More »

How to store clothes long term in self-storage


Maybe you’re starting to think about storing your seasonal clothes. Or perhaps you’re thinking of living life on the road, and you’re not very sure when you’ll be coming back. What about vintage clothing lovers that want to keep their clothes safe for their next big occasion or vintage fair? Whatever the reason may be, Read More »

How to Pack Furniture for Long-term Storage

Pack furniture for long-term storage

There are many things to consider when looking at how to pack furniture for long-term storage. Why people need to store furniture items can be for many reasons. Are you temporarily or permanently moving out across the country but haven’t found a permanent home yet? Or maybe you just want to downsize your home. You Read More »

Tips on how to store power tools

How to store power tools in storage units

Thinking about how to store power tools,? You may feel as long as you remember to pack everything away after using it, that should be good enough. Your tools are expensive, so storing them correctly is an essential part of taking care of them.  How to store power tools Power tools storage is as necessary Read More »