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How to decide what to put into self storage

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Self storage is ideal for clearing items from your workplace or home and freeing up valuable space.

But to get the best out of your storage facility, you need to decide exactly what to fill it with.

If you need some professional guidance, here are our top tips for deciding what to store.

Unused items.

These are things you don’t use regularly and things you can’t see yourself needing in at least the next three to six months.

For example:

  • Seasonal items, such as Christmas decorations and garden furniture
  • Paperwork, such as archival data
  • Media, such as books, magazines, CDs and DVDs
  • Children’s toys and baby equipment.

If you don’t plan to use certain items again, you could also consider selling them, donating them to charity, recycling them or throwing them away.

Excess items.

You may have items that you plan to use in the future, but don’t have the space for right now.

This could be the case if you’re temporarily downsizing to a smaller property, or planning a move to somewhere larger.

In such circumstances, you could store items like these:

  • Furniture, ornaments and general clutter
  • Appliances and equipment
  • Bulk-buy stock
  • Items you’re planning to repair or renovate
  • Backup resources and spares.

Geographical storage.

Sometimes you might want to store items closer to where they’re going to be needed.

For example, maybe you have a small, satellite office with limited on-site storage. You can check out the benefits of storage units for self-employed people or how to use your temporary storage more effectivley if you need more storage tips.

Maybe you have a customer who orders items regularly and it makes economic sense to store them closer to the customer rather than transport them.

Or maybe you have remote workers undertaking a project that is located far away from your main office. And those workers might need access to items that can’t be stored at the customer’s premises or in their vehicles.

When deciding what you need to store remotely, you might consider things like:

  • Stock items, such as products and materials
  • Stationery items, such as packaging materials
  • Tools and equipment, to carry out installations
  • Spares, for emergencies and on-the-job repairs.

Do you have items you need to put into storage?

Boxpod Space can offer you secure self-storage units and yards in Sleaford, Wisbech, Oakham and Louth.

Your unit, or yard space, will be secured in a gated compound and monitored by 24-hour CCTV.

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