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Top 5 reasons to choose short-term business self-storage

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It is increasingly common nowadays to rent self-storage units for business purposes, and there are many reasons for doing so. But a crucial aspect that must be understood is that not all UK storage facilities are fully equipped and intended for business usage.

Luckily, our Boxpod business self-storage units are safe, secure and fully equipped to deal with all of your business needs and requirements! 

So what are the main perks of utilising business storage units? Let us tell you about our main five! 

Enhanced security 

We think that any responsible business owner must ensure that their business premises are safe and secure above anything else. One of the most important aspects of running a business is your safety, staff, and business equipment. Our facilities come with full 24/7 CCTV coverage, and they have highly secure exits and entry points, which means that your storage units are 100% secure all day and night. 


Having good accessibility to a workplace is vital for all internal and external customers of your business. We pay close attention to accessibility, no matter the reason, either that is a client looking to reach your business place for meetings or a van-load of items trying to make their way to your self-storage space. 

That’s why at Boxpod Space you will find that each of our highly secure self-storage business facilities is easy to access from the main roads, and they can be located and marked using your Google maps. 

Our self-storage units are also available to access year-round, which means that your business can have access to your self-storage unit whenever is needed. 

Sales Pricing 

When buying inventory, most companies can’t take advantage of reduced-inventory pricing. Even if the business can afford to purchase these items, the real issue is the lack of space to store the new inventory. 

By renting a short-term self-storage space, unused inventory can be easily stored until needed, which will allow the business to take advantage of the sale pricing, whilst buying a lot more inventory in the meantime. 

Seasonal items storage 

A common issue that most businesses seem to have is inventory management. Most likely, seasonal inventory is carried out throughout the year rather than being packed in self-storage spaces. This inventory is ultimately required only at specific points throughout the year, which means that it doesn’t need to be accessible all the time. 

By using short-term storage space, your business will be able to utilise or display only the required inventory at that time of year. As an example, if your business sells clothing and accessories, this might mean that storing winter inventory in the short-term storage unit during the summer months will be needed. 

This will allow your company to use its costly office space to display only your most profitable inventory. Win, win, right?


As your business grows, it’s natural to feel the need to upgrade to a larger space, allowing greater inventory, storage space and even more room to grow further. 

However, this doesn’t mean that your business will always afford a larger rental property. But the good news is that additional space doesn’t have to mean finding a new place for your business, therefore, a short-term self-storage space is a perfect solution to provide extra space in return for a small cost. 

Considering that today is prevalent for a business to experience spacing and inventory control issues, short-term self-storage for business use is the best solution to your spacing issues. A more convenient and wallet-friendly solution is to invest in a business storage unit, as they are an incredible means of storing anything from inventory to documents, and everything else in between. 

For more tips and tricks, we have some more great articles on how to utilise self-storage for business use, what size self-storage unit do you need, and how self-storage can help you run your business from home.

At Boxpod, we have self-storage facilities in multiple locations, and we work with businesses of all sizes. Our self-storage containers and yards include top security to give you peace of mind, and they can accommodate all your needs, so make sure to contact Boxpod Space today for more information on how you can secure your own business self-storage space today!