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How to Pack a Self Storage Unit

Packing a storage unit

We have you covered if you are considering renting a storage unit and want some self-storage tips. Here we explore everything about how to pack a self-storage unit, from packing materials to organising the space for easy access.

Packing Things for Storage

When it comes to our household items, there are times when you find you have too much stuff. A storage container allows you to keep more of the things you love while keeping your home clutter-free. Business or tradesmen storage is also a popular use for units. Whatever your reason for wanting a storage container, read on to find out more about packing it properly. Here you will find information on:

  • Choosing the right storage packing materials
  • Making a storage inventory
  • Self-storage tips
  • Organising your storage unit

Choosing the Right Storage Packing Materials

When considering how to pack a self storage unit, packing things the right way is essential. Simply piling everything in the unit won’t work and is a lot of work. You need packing materials suitable for the furniture, fragile items, and other things you wish to store away.

Think about it as if you were sending your goods to be shipped. Use strong packing boxes and wrap breakables in bubble wrap or newspaper. If you are packing specialist items, such as a TV, you may also need to wrap these in blankets or use extra padding for the screen. Our blog on how to store electronics in storage units has more information.

how to pack a self storage unit

Making a storage inventory

Once you have identified everything you want to put in storage and have the right packing material for it, you will need an inventory. As you pack things into boxes, label them and add the items to your storage inventory list. You can make the list on your phone as you go, or manually write it down.

Listing everything that you want to pack will help you make sure you get everything squared away. It will also help you to find a specific item later if you need it. We have more tips on this in our guide, create the best self-storage inventory list.

Packing things for storage

As you pack and add things to your inventory, organise your items into categories. You can use labels such as toys, books, etc. Also label the boxes by room and keep these together as you pack and organise your items to take to the storage unit.

You can number the boxes and note the box numbers next to the items on your inventory list. It may take a little longer to pack your furniture and household items this way, but it will save a lot of time later. If you want to get one thing from the unit later, it will be easier to locate it.

Self-storage tips

Now you have everything ready to go, organising how things go inside the container is a critical element of package and storage in a unit. When it comes to the best tips on how to pack a self-storage unit, putting the heavy items in first is critical. Boxes that are heavy should be on the floor and lighter items stacked on them.

If you are storing things that you want to access regularly, keep these at the front. Make the most of the storage unit space by packing open items. If you have wardrobes, drawers, or other open spaces, fill these with smaller objects.

If you are looking for a storage unit or container yard, we have a range of options available. Our storage facilities across the UK include self-storage containers of different sizes. Our flexible and affordable contacts allow you to use short-term storage solutions or longer if needed. If you need any further information, contact us today.