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How to Store Jewellery in Self-Storage

How to store jewellery

Self-storage units are handy for all situations, and people rent storage containers for different reasons. A popular use for these types of units is to keep valuables in one place while moving home. If you are moving home, you may want to store jewellery in self-storage to keep it secure. Alternatively, self-storage for business can be used to hold stock for a jewellery shop or online sales site. Items from your home may be taking up more space, and you are having a clear out. Whatever the reason, here we give you all the top tips on how to store jewellery in self-storage to keep everything in great condition.

How to Store Jewellery

Secure storage units are ideal for storing all your items, including jewellery. As the storage yard knows that your items are precious to you, security systems are excellent. You will have peace of mind when storing household goods or using business storage. To keep everything in tip-top condition and easy to find, there are a few things you can do. These are the steps to take when preparing your jewellery for storage:

Prepare your jewellery
You may think simply placing all your jewellery in a box is all you need to store your items. However, that’s not the best way. The first thing you need to do is make a list of all of your things. As you look through your jewellery, check everything in case anything needs repairs. If everything is OK, you will want to clean everything. You can take items to a jewellery store to clean everything. You can also wash items with baking soda and dish soap to remove grime and dirt buildup. Ensure everything is completely dry before storing it. If anything needs repairing you can take it to a jeweller for fixing. Any items that you no longer want can be donated.

Pack in appropriate containers
Jewellery is usually best to be kept in dark and dry conditions. When you buy new pieces, they typically come in a box with a cotton lining or a felt bag. These materials help to keep items dry and protect them from excess moisture. If you don’t have all the boxes or packing that the things came in, you can buy storage for jewellery, such as boxes and bags. Necklaces will often tangle together, so store these in individual packaging to avoid a headache later. Place items in their respective storage containers and then stack them inside a secure box. Ring boxes, if you still have them, will hold them securely while you store them.

Insure Your Jewellery
Although many storage locations have excellent security measures to protect your belongings, you must ensure adequate insurance to cover your jewellery. You may want to place these in a safe deposit box at the bank for high-value items. All your other jewellery can go into storage if you get self-storage insurance or a specific cover for jewellery. Costume jewellery and low-value items are more suited to storing in a rental unit.

Jewellery Storage Ideas

When thinking about how to store your jewellery in self storage, there are a number of different things you can use. Here are some of the most popular jewellery storage ideas for keeping everything neat, tidy, and in excellent condition:

Designate a jewellery draw in a piece of furniture in your storage unit
Buy a small chest of drawers to organise jewellery
Use trays with cotton compartments to sort items
Modular organisers allow you to create custom storage that is perfect for everything

By organising everything properly like this, you will be able to find your items easily. It will also prevent things from tangling together or getting lost among your household things.

Rent an appropriate unit

When renting a unit, you will likely not only want to put jewellery in there. Choose a unit that will be big enough for everything you want to store and place your jewellery in appropriate storage containers. Note where you have put everything, such as inside drawers. That will help you to find items if you want to take them out again.

If you are storing other items with your jewellery, we have a few guides on storing everything properly. You can learn how to store electronics in storage units, read about how to keep pests out of your storage container and how to make a self-storage inventory list.

Whatever you are looking to store, we have a unit or storage yard that is perfect for you. Our units are available on short-term storage rental contracts or for more extended use. Our locations across the UK provide convenient access to your stored items, and with advanced security, you have peace of mind when renting a storage unit from Boxpod Space. Contact us today for more information, or complete an online application for storage.