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Top home renovation tips to save you stress

Home being redecorated

When it comes to updating your home, completing the renovation can be stressful. Everything from a small redecorating job or big projects such as adding an extension requires planning and organisation. Dreaming about starting a new home reno project can feel very different once you begin the job. Here we explore some things you can do to help you prepare for the task and top home renovation tips to save you stress.

Make a plan

Whatever the size of your planned renovation, planning, and preparation beforehand will help reduce the stress during the work significantly. If you have builders coming in to help with the job, discuss everything with them, so you and your family know what to expect from each day. By planning everything out and breaking things down into smaller steps, the project becomes more manageable, and everyone knows what to expect throughout the duration.

Create a space for yourself

Moving out while work takes place in your house is not always possible. To get away from noise and mess from renovation, designate a space in the home so that you can escape. If the work is happening on the lower floor, choose the spare bedroom or find somewhere within the house where everyone can relax. Being surrounded by construction or renovation work can become tiresome, especially if it’s a big job. Giving the family a space that is off-limits to construction will give everyone a break.

Use a self-storage unit

Hiring a self-storage unit for the duration of your project will reduce stress for several reasons. Clearing out the part of the house that will be updated gives you more space making it much easier to do it. If you have purchased all the materials for the job, you can store them in a storage unit until you are ready for them. The main advantage of a self-store space for renovation projects is that all of your belongings are protected from damage. Dust, paint, and other mess from construction can damage home-furnishings, so you have peace of mind by keeping them well away from the work mess.

Consider your neighbours

This home renovation tip could help save your relationships with those around you. The noise and mess from renovation projects may also affect your neighbours. It is best to let your closest neighbours know when you will be working and how long a project will take. Doing this will prepare them for the ongoing work and keep your relationships on good standing. Making them aware will prevent them from coming to you to complain about the noise and reduce tension as you complete the job. 

Be flexible

While planning and preparation will drastically reduce the stress of decorating or a renovation project, keep in mind that things won’t always go to plan. It is very difficult to predict everything, and as you begin the work, you may come across some surprises. Give yourself some flexibility in the budget and always be mindful that the job may take longer than you anticipated.

Get out of the house

If you have a renovation project on the go, it can be easy to let it take up all of your free time. Spending every spare moment on the job is a sure way to increase stress. Being in the house all the time will remind you of everything that still needs to be done. Take some time out and get out of the house whenever you can. Let the family have some time away from the mess and chaos of the project by taking them away for a day or two or spend an afternoon doing something else.

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