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How to store video games in self-storage units

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You may be a serious gamer playing video games daily or simply relaxing with your friends over the weekend. whatever you may be, you’ll sooner or later notice how quickly your collection can outgrow your space. In this article, we’ve outlined our top 5 tips and tricks on how to store video games in self-storage units. It will help you ensure your video games can stay safely and securely for as long as needed. 

Something that most gamers tend to forget is that electronic items should always be stored carefully. When it comes to video games and video games consoles, in particular, there are a few things you should take into careful consideration. 

1. Clean your video games

Cleaning old video games and new video games properly before storage is highly recommended. If you store games free of dust and debris, they’ll be at a lower risk of getting damaged over time. 

To clean them thoroughly, you can simply use a microfiber cloth to clean all the CDs. To clean the cartridges, use a cotton swab that can be soaked in alcohol or antibacterial gel. But always remember to let your video games completely dry before storing them in a self-storage facility.

Another tip is to pay special attention to the vent grills, especially for the old video game consoles and the input/output plug areas. Gently lift and wipe up any dust, but never force anything inside the console. Video games are very fragile, and this is why preparing everything well before storing them is crucial. It is just as important as knowing how to store art correctly in self-storage spaces, another type of item that can get easily damaged when stored.

2. Pack properly to store video games in self-storage

If you have a lot of video games saved on CDs, try to protect them as best as possible from any scratches and digs. The best way to do so is to store all your disks within their original cases. These should include the foam inserts and all the plastic bags your units came in. 

If you don’t have their cases anymore and all the necessary packaging accessories, you can buy cheap packs of disk sleeves to protect your games. Another great option is to use an extra plastic binder with sleeves for all-around protection. Additionally, ensure plenty of cushioning when preparing your video games for storage. You can use a cardboard box or a plastic bin that’s slightly larger than your video game consoles. A great thing to use when packaging like a pro are bubble wraps or soft dish towels. 

However, make sure to always pay attention to any batteries or electrical items that may be forgotten between your video games when packing. We have a great article on how to store batteries safely in self-storage units that you should check out for more valuable tips!

3. Wrap up your video game controllers

When learning how to store video games effectively, keep in mind that your video game system will be nothing without your controllers! This is why paying careful attention to them is a must. 

If you have corded controllers, remove the cord first or wrap it around them, but try to avoid any unnecessary tangles. These could seriously cause some damage during long-term storage. To keep the controllers safe from dust and dirt, you can purchase a breathable sleeve for each console. Then, you can use vented plastic bags or simply wrap the controller in a cotton cloth for some extra protection. If you can’t place the controllers in the same box as your video game consoles, try to at least put them nearby to find them quickly later on. 

4. Use airtight containers

To keep dust and pests out from your stored games while they are in self-storage containers, you should place all your items in airtight containers. However, use airtight plastic boxes if planning to keep games for long periods. 

Place your video games carefully into the boxes to avoid any extra damage. Another great idea would be to pack your games by genre in smaller packages, so later on, you will again be able to find what you need quicker. Take it from us, knowing how to organise storage units for frequent access is a true lifesaver!

A pro tip is to never stack your plastic bins too high, as the accumulated weight will damage the games placed at the bottom. Finding a self-storage container that has a cool temperature with low light and low moisture levels is key!

5. Rent a secure self-storage unit 

Whether you want to store your video games for a long time or just for a couple of months until the summer break comes back, follow our tips above. Additionally, the next best step is to find a reputed self-storage facility where you can receive excellent service.    

A secure self-storage facility like BoxpodSpace would be the ideal solution when looking for ways to store video games safely. We specialise in providing secure self-storage units and yards and storage containers across many locations across the UK. While looking for storage solutions, you should ask yourself a few questions, like: 

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, check out our self-storage FAQs, packed with plenty of questions you might have before considering renting a self-storage container. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you store your video games safely and securely at highly affordable prices and with great renting terms!