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How to organise storage units for frequent access

Organising items

Creating easy and hassle-free access to your belongings in a self-storage unit can be quite challenging, we know. Many storage customers love storing their seasonal clothing so that it won’t take up too much space in their home in between cold and hot seasons. This is all great until they need to access them fast in case the temperature changes drastically. After all, we live in England, and we know what that means! And this is where having organised self-storage containers comes into play. 

In this article, we’re going to share our top 7 quick tips on how to organise your storage space so that you can find what you need at all times with ease. 

1. Pick the same box size & label them

Same-size boxes are a great solution to easily access self-storage spaces with more ease and stacking them. But keep in mind that if you decide to use large boxes, they might not hold up very well if placed at the bottom of large stacks. They are also much harder to remove or move around if you need to take something out from the storage. 

Our recommendation is to use small or medium-sized boxes, as they will be perfect for most of the items you want to store. But it’s essential to know what not to store in a storage unit and why to avoid any damages or dangerous situations. For example, look at our article on how to store batteries safely in self-storage units for more valuable information. Once you choose your boxes, make sure to label each box on the top and at least one side with a unique number. Maybe you can even add more information, such as the box’s contents, but make sure to be as delicate as possible when moving your boxes around.  

2. Identify the items you may need to access unexpectedly 

Think about what you won’t be using regularly when you are packing, and carefully consider what you may need. Give extra thought to seasonal items, such as: 

  • Winter and summer clothes 
  • Trip supplies (tents, snorkelling gear, sleeping bags, etc.) 
  • Holiday decorations 
  • Kids toys 
  • Hobby supplies
  • Tools 
  • Office documents

Once you’ve identified this clearly, start thinking about how to store items in self storage units and what size of self storage unit you need to make things easier as you go along.  

3. Plan the layout of the storage unit

Most people are very tempted by the idea of having a vast space available to be used for storing their items, however, there are many things to consider here. 

You must think about what you actually store in your self-storage units, and whilst you do so, you may realise that there’s a lot of clutter that you should get rid of before. Then, the items you are likely to use less frequently should go to the storage back. This is a great chance to give those items a second thought. Do you need them, or are you a collector of things just because they might carry some sort of sentimental value? Try to give this a really good thought, and by doing so, you will be able to create a clear picture of the scope of your possessions.    

4. Find creative ways to organise your self-storage space

Although sorting your items within a self-storage space can be quite tiring, if you have a well-thought plan and a mindful approach, you could end up having some fun! 

Start thinking about the purpose of using a secure self-storage space and how easy you’ll be able to find your belongings once they are placed appropriately. Try to divide your items into specific categories, decide what to throw away, what to donate or sell, and you will see your life will become much more manageable. Once this step is done, you will be closer and closer to knowing how to organise storage units for frequent access in no time! 

5. Consider upgrading to a larger storage unit

And before we even go into this tip, you may start wondering how much is self-storage and if it would be worth investing more for some extra room. 

Especially if you are thinking about how to utilise self-storage for business use, frequent access to your storage unit is a must! An organised space will help you feel much more in control of your work and personal life, so we say it’s worth spending a bit more money to achieve that. Think about it this way – even if you pack everything like a Tetris master, a little extra space could give you a lot more room for shelving units and a clear path through the middle of the storage unit. What does that mean? Easier access and a lot of time being saved! 

An additional benefit of having a larger self-storage container is that you will be able to place something on the ground to ensure that your items won’t be resting directly on the ground, which will make them less vulnerable to spills.  

6. Stack or shelve boxes

If you are thinking of renting a self-storage facility for the long term, you should start thinking about placing sturdy shelves along one unit’s wall. 

This will significantly help you in staying more organised, however, if shelving isn’t the best option for you, you might want to consider stacking your boxes whilst keeping the following things in mind:

  • Start stacking from the back of the unit to the front, in order of need 
  • Place large and heavy boxes down first, and stack lighter ones on top, but be very careful how high you stack them
  • Use a brick-wall platform when stacking boxes that are the same size to remove and replace boxes without moving the boxes above it

7. Place a map of your items inside the storage unit where you can see it 

You shouldn’t worry about mapping out the evident boxes, but you may want to list all the items that get buried in the storage space. 

Don’t worry about not having expert drawing skills, as a simple doodle or a sketch will do the job just fine! Follow these simple steps: 

  • Divide your self-storage container into four or more sections 
  • List the items and box numbers in each section 
  • Always go back to your initial list you’ve made when thinking about the items you may need to access unexpectedly
  • Place everything back in their place once used, so you won’t have to draw your map once again 

By following these simple tips, you will save a lot of valuable time and energy in the future, which would be otherwise spent sifting through unmarked and unorganised boxes full of items that you no longer need. Start applying these efficient methods when thinking about how to organise storage spaces for frequent access and say goodbye to all the anxiety that comes with dealing with chaotic mess and clutter. Also, make sure to read our blog on 5 good reasons to use self-storage if you’ve missed it! 

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